John Mansell, MD

President and Developer

WyoBioTech utilizes biomedical innovation to focus on human health and personalized medicine. As a developer of lifesaving technologies and breakthrough solution, WyoBioTech's approach is to advance Bio-defense preparedness, improved surgical outcomes and RNA therapeutics directed to helping provide treatments for diseases that have previously had no or inadequate treatment options. Targeting of "undruggable" diseases, to discover, develop and manufacture therapeutics for diseases like Sepsis, Fibromyalgia, Obesity, Opioid Dependency, Neurotoxicity, Alzheimer's Disease and Implant Improvements.

Patent Portfolio

  • STERILIZING SURGICAL INSTRUMENT TABLEHaving optimized every other way to reduce surgical infections, this OR table continuously bathes surgical instruments and implanted hardware with UV radiation to reduce airborne sources of infection before and during the surgery.
  • COMPOSITIONS & METHODS FOR THE TREATMENT OF FIBROMYALGIA, MIGRAINES AND RELATED DISORDERSSome medical literature showed us decades ago the root cause of the fibromyalgia syndrome and its association with complex regional pain and Raynaud's syndrome.  This group of artificial organic polynucleotides treats these diseases intracellularly at the source.  This family of organics includes the next generation of migraine prevention and potentially the cure. 
  • COMPOSITIONS & METHODS FOR TREATMENT OF SEPSIS-RELATED DISORDERS: By decreasing the severity of hypotension and interrupting an important pathway of the septic response, this family of organics holds great promise for the millions of people who annually suffer from sepsis.
  • STIMULATORS & PACEMAKERS:  Conventional stimulator and pacemaker leads are subject to the risk of magnetically-induced currents which would be harmful.  This generation of leads have no sensitivity to this dangerous risk, at a much less production cost and better durability, lowering the cost of both the leads and the signal generators.
  • DISTANCE-SENSING STIMULATOR LEADS The distance to a stimulation target is critical to successful clinical effect and these leads measure and report this back to the generator.  
  • COMPOSITIONS & METHODS FOR TREATMENT OF OBESITY AND OBESITY-RELATED DISORDERS:  So many diseases are linked to obesity and this family of patents decreases the drive to over-eat and enhances fat metabolism to achieve weight loss.
  • IMPLANTABLE NERVE BLOCKING INTERVENTION: Visceral pain from inflammatory bowel disease, chronic pancreatitis, functional abdominal pain, chronic pelvic pain, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, and visceral cancer pain (28% of cancer patients) remain a clinical challenge even in the 21st century.  This catheter provides a very inexpensive alternative to the currently ineffective options and reduces or eliminates the need for opiates.
  • COMPOSITIONS & METHODS FOR THE TREATMENT OF ANESTHESIA INDUCED NEUROTOXICITY: There are various environmental and therapy-associated causes of central nervous system cell death which this family of organics holds the promise of dramatically decreasing. This same technique could diminish cell death on the margins of a stroke or heart attack.